Your Guide to Ladies Deck Shoes

You might like a little help to guide you towards the right deck shoe for you...

orca bay premium leathers

All of the Orca Bay deck shoes are made with premium nubuck or pull-up leathers, which last and last whilst gradually gaining a beautiful patina with wear.

The full moccasin design, made from one piece of leather, is hand stitched using twin needles giving a quality finish to their shape.

Underneath, you will find a non-slip razor cut, non-marking soles (even the black ones) made from high density rubber. This gives the shoes extra strength, flexibility as well as a high mileage.

The eyelets are rust proof and salt resistant.

orca bay hand stitched deck shoes

A single strip of raw hide leather is used for each lace, which travels right around the shoe. If the lace is a tie-up, this means the tension can be adjusted with wear and the laces are replaceable.

The styles very, but the construction and craftsmanship remains throughout the Orca Bay range.

Here's an easy chart to help you with the other features of the Ladies' Deck Shoe range:


Lace Up / Slip On

Machine Washable




Lace Up No Dark


Lace Up No Dark Two Tone Navy/Brown


Lace Up No Dark
Extra Canoe Seam


Slip On
Yes Dark Multiple Colours, Bow


Slip On Yes Dark Multiple Colours, Toggles


Lace Up Yes Off White
Multiple Colours


Lace Up No Dark Low Front

Bay Pump

Slip On
Yes (not Sand) Off White Very Low Front


Lace Up No Off White Performance Sole
Santa Rosa Lace Up No Off White Performance Sole

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