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2020 Shows

This Week: Where ever we were supposed to be is CANCELLED/POSTPONED

...Please see our "Event of the Week" page for more details.


OK, so it looks like we're all going to be stuck at home for a while as almost all 2020 events have now been cancelled.

I hope you can make the best of your time. We've certainly been working very hard on your behalf.

Plans are being made for the 2021 calendar. Once we are in safer times, I hope to see you at one of next year's events.

Meanwhile, we continue to make changes and improvements to our website and mail order service. You can order from us online anytime.

We have some terrific clothing and footwear for Autumn/Winter. If your thinking of going for a (solitary) walk, you may with to consider some great quality Orca Bay shoes, a Holebrook windstopper or maybe one of the Pelle P outwear pieces.

Don't worry if you need to return or exchange anything, that's all free too! (UK only).

Thanks for reading this.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Katherine Partis


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We also sponsor Coral Keen, dressing her for the Trot-ups (a vet check performed before and after an event to make sure that the competing horse is sound).

To learn more about her, visit Coral Keen Eventing