How To Clean Your Leather Country Boots

Orca Bay Orkney Boots in the field

If you are lucky enough to own a pair of Orca Bay's country boots, hopefully, you've been able to enjoy being out and about in the countryside. When I'm not running the business or out walking the dog, I also help out on the family farm, so my Orkney's get a thorough wear test in all conditions.

It is important to look after any leather product to prolong its life so that you can get the best out of them. As a teenager, I spent hours cleaning and polishing saddles and other tack in exchange for horse riding.

After all the weather we've been having, I thought it might be useful to offer some guidance on boot here goes:

There is no fixed timeline for doing this. Use your judgement based on how much you are wearing them and what sort of terrain.

orca bay country boots with mud

If you start seeing light patches, it is an indicator that the leather is drying out...time to at least put some balsam on.

If you live by the coast (salt) or work with horses (uric acid) you will need to do this more often than most. I also recommend washing off the outside of your boots in between full treatment.

1) Get the mud off

Wash off as much mud and grit as you can. You can use water on the outside of these boots and a sponge or soft brush for the really stubborn bits.

Renapur Boots Cleaning Products

2) Let them dry

Not near a radiator or Aga, just get the excess water off with an old towel and leave them indoors over night.

3) Right, we're ready to put some product on them.

We recommend Renapur Leather Balsam for the smooth leathers and Renapur Suede, Nubuck and Fabric Protector for the nubuck, matt part of the boots.

Renapur Leather Balsam on Orca Bay boots

3a) Use a clean sponge to wipe the leather balsam on to the smooth leather section of your boots. Work it into the leather and wipe off any excess balsam. You may want to add a second coat to any particularly hard worn areas, like the toes and anywhere that the boot "hinges". The goal is to keep the leather supple, which in turn will guard the waterproof lining below.

orca bay leather boots toes

3b) Spray the nubuck areas of the boots with the protector until it looks damp. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

That's it! put them on and off you go again.

Have fun!

Orca Bay Country Boots one clean one muddy




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