I have now picked both parcels from you. The shoes are well received as well as your king smiles on the cards. Thanks so much for your excellent service!

Ruslan N

Very Impressed. The Halti Juonto jacket has been the best protective investment I have made for some time. The fit is perfect, and it keeps me totally dry in some horrendous conditions. It was really put to the test last week while watching the England U20’s rugby team train in torrential rain. Buoyed by some great compliments too! The team at Katherine Partis know their stuff and I would recommend them highly.

Brian Ashton MBE

Thanks so much for superb service and first-rate communication. Squamish Russet now ready for action alongside Squamish Sand - the Kings of boat shoes!

Graham C

Have just arrived home in Jersey from a wonderful Goodwood FOS weekend...

I am so grateful for your amazing service - you went beyond the call of duty to help me in dealing with the VAT issue!


My order is arrived!! I'm very happy!!! It's wonderful!! Thank you very much!!!! :0) :0)

Claudia, Italy

I just wanted to let you know that the new cardigan arrived this morning and he is delighted with it!!  I think you have a new convert to this brand.  It fits like a glove and he loves the design and quality. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to exchange it so quickly. Please do put us on your mailing list as I feel he might have some more gaps in his wardrobe in the future! Best wishes and thanks again.

Mary F

Today I have received my Orca Bay mens boots. Great service, great fit, great price, happy days. Thank you.

Colin M

A huge thank you for getting my latest order to me so speedily. You really have gone above and beyond with my recent orders. 
Your customer service is second to none. 
I look forward to placing more orders in the future.

Rachel B

Great...Thank you very much for such amazing customer service on a Sunday!...All arrived and is brilliant! Thank you very much indeed!


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