About Halti

halti story
Halti was born from one man's ambition to bring people closer to nature. To make his vision a reality, Finnish outdoor enthusiast Juhani Hyökyvaara knew that outdoor equipment needed to evolve. Halti began in 1976 with this in mind, creating innovative products so that people could connect with the outdoor more easily.
Halti is a premium Nordic outdoor brand. Nordic conditions, Nordic nature, the Nordic mindset and Nordic aesthetics drive everything that they do.
"Our generation has always taken our clean nature as a given. We at Halti have set our sights far into the future and we are doing all we can so that later generations can enjoy it like we have. All of Halti’s operations are based on respecting the environment and other people. After all, our products are designed for outdoor life and sports. With Think Ahead, our sustainable development programme, we take responsibility for our social, environmental and financial footprints. We have much work ahead of us, but we are continuously trying to do better–in every phase of the product lifecycle."
The Halti Outdoor collection is based on strong experience of how to survive in demanding and ever-changing conditions. The products in Halti's Outdoor range are high quality, technical clothing and footwear. They've got you covered all year-round, no matter the activity.
halti finnish designFinnish design
Finnish nature teaches and inspires Halti to create outdoor clothing and gear that withstand time and wear. They design clothing products and gear for all seasons and the most demanding of conditions, with more than 45 years of experience. Every feature has been considered carefully, from the material selected to the last technical detail, so that you can enjoy your product for as long as possible.

Halti's products are designed using 3D software. This helps to significantly reduce the amount of textile waste, emissions from logistics and the wasteful use of natural materials.
recycledWhat are my clothes made of?
Halti are always looking for a high level of quality, first-rate technical properties and high durability. They design their products for outdoor life and put a lot of effort into selecting the right materials and technologies. It is vital that their clothes are safe for you, for the people who make them and for the environment. With the help of strict international certificates, we can all reduce adverse impact on people and nature. Halti aim to continuously increase the use of recycled materials in their products. Read More
Who makes my clothes?
Halti have long-standing relationships, some as long as 40 years, with the factories where their products are made. They openly tell you where their products are made and who makes them. Factory workers are an important part of the production chain and they want to take good care of them. The globally respected amfori BSCI organisation helps Halti ensure that working conditions are socially and ethically acceptable. Read More
halti product careCare, repair and recycle
To extend the product life-cycle, it is important to wash and maintain your items in accordance with the care instructions.

The laundry tags and hang tags attached to Halti's products tell you how to use and maintain the products and give them a long life. Informative QR codes are also being introduced to give the subsequent users more information and care instructions, even after hang tags have been removed. The goal is to reduce the number of tags and instead add QR codes.

The recommendation is that you wash waterproof clothes to prevent any dirt and stains from reducing their properties. Clean clothes breathe and last longer. Waterproof clothes should also be treated with a water repellent to extend the lifecycle even further. Read More
Carbon neutral by 2022
Sustainability is at the core of Halti’s strategy and they have set themselves an ambitious target: they want to be carbon neutral in their own operations in 2022. They have decided on multiple actions to minimise and compensate for their environmental footprint and the work continues. Read More
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