Product Care

How To Care for Orca Bay Shoes

All coloured deck shoes will fade with use, especially in the sun. The leather will soften and mould to your feet with wear. This is a characteristic of these shoes that, in time, will make them "old friends" whilst on your adventures

Waxed Nubuck and Leather: There is a high content of wax in these shoes, so initially all you have to do is wear them. Should they get scratched, a gentle rub with your finger will usually buff it out. If the leather starts to look dry, use some dubin. Do not use boot polish.

Machine Washable Deck Shoes: The washing instructions are stitched into the inside of the shoe. Wash separately in cold water, on a gentle cycle, with liquid soap. Air dry only and do not bleach. A little leather nourisher will help too.

Suede Loafers: These shoes are made from good quality German suede. To protect the suede, spray with a protective suede spray before the first wearing (available from supermarkets). Try not to get them wet, but if you do, put tissue paper inside to hold the shape and air dry them. If you get mud on them, allow to dry first and then brush gently with a soft/rubber brittled brush. When clean and dry, occasionally respray with protector.


How To Launder Holebrook Sweden Clothing

Depending on the garment, you will find the following symbols on the care labels of the shirt:...

Machine Wash Warm (no more than 40 degrees C, as this could cause damage to the fabric).

TIP: Use a fabric softener for the best results 

Iron on a Low Heat (over heating may cause burning of the fabric)

 Iron on a Medium Heat

TIP: Iron garment whilst they are still slightly damp. This makes it much easier.

Most branding is stitched, but if it is a transfer, iron logo side down or with a dry, clean cloth between the iron (not too hot) and the logo. 

Do Not Bleach (this could cause discolouration)

Do Not Tumble Dry (as a natural fibre, cotton can be damaged or shrink if over heated when drying)

TIP: Air dried items need less ironing if they have been laid flat or hung on a hanger