5 Steps to Walking for Health and Fun

walking for health and fun

Walking is simple, and free and one the easiest ways to get more active, embracing the outdoors help us be both physically and mentally healthier.

As the days are becoming longer and we head out of winter, now is the time to get out and embrace the outdoors.

We've all got used to our daily walks, but now is a great opportunity to explore further.


Before you start, there’s just a little bit of planning to do…


great britain walking map

1) Where to walk?

If you’re new to an area, ask the locals. You’ll get some great tips on where and where not to go and any challenges that might arise.

For inspiration, there are many walking groups with websites and mapped out routes to look at. Here are two of our favourites:

No matter where you are in the country you will find a great walk on The Outdoor Guide. Whether you are looking to walk with the kids, your dog or want a full day’s trekking, this amazing site will give you everything you need to know, along with places to stay too.

The National Trust is another fabulous way to find a great walk. You can also check out some great historical buildings too. There is an easy search button to find out how dog/child friendly each walk is.


halti ragnar walking boots

2) What to wear

The shoes you choose will help with your enjoyment on your walk. There is nothing worse than cold, wet, or sore feet!

We have a great range of walking Shoes and trekking boots from our lovely partners Halti.

From the Fara Women's Low Walking Shoe and the Jerome Men's Low Trekking Shoe, to the Ragnar Men's and Women's Mid Trekking Shoes.

All of these are waterproof with a specialist GripmaxX or Vibram sole.

halti fara womens walking shoe   halti jerome mens walking shoe  halti ragner walking boots

It is always best to have a good waterproof jacket on hand as, living in the UK, the weather can be a little ‘inclement’ at times.

The Halti Juonto is the ultimate walking Jacket or for a lightweight, more general use waterproof the Halti Fort could be the one for you.

halti womens juonto waterproofhalti mens juonto waterproof jackethalti womens fort waterproof jackethalti mens fort waterproof jacket
holebrook windproof jumpers 

For those days where the sun is shining but the chill is still in the air why not try one of our Windproof Jackets or Jumpers form Holebrook Sweden. Stylish and just perfect for a beautiful spring day.

We have also just teamed up with Flanci who produce the most amazing leggings and shorts! Perfect for running or walking they have thigh pockets perfect for your phone or keys.

halti streetpack rucksack


You’ll need a comfortable and lightweight day pack for extras. The Halti Streetpack, made from recycled bottles, is just the ticket.


 You're now ready to venture out in style!


walking country code

3) Stick to the Countryside Code

As we have said in previous blogs, you must always adhere to the countryside code when you are out and about. Shutting gates after you and really importantly, keep your dog on a lead in any livestock field.

Check out the Natural England Country Code Guide

We are working alongside Dicky Bag the smartest /safest/and easiest way to carry your doggy doos if there is not a bin available. Dog poo is very toxic to livestock and can lead to death for nursing and pregnant animals. Our countryside is a wonderful asset, so we need to keep it safe for all.


walking advice guide

4) Stay safe

Whether you walk alone or in a group it is good to stay safe.

Check the weather before you leave and choose your outfit accordingly. Remember, weather can change, so if you think it might rain, get cold or extremely hot, be prepared for it.

Let people know where you are going, especially if you are walking alone. Take a phone with you. It is great to have a phone with a camera so you can record the beautiful scenery as you go too!

Download What3Words on your phone, this way if you get in any trouble, you can give your exact location to the emergency services. It is also great for pinpointing a meeting place too!

map and compass walk

You can often download a walk, but also take a map and compass. Keep the map in a convenient place and protect it with a transparent, waterproof cover. You can’t always get a phone signal and batteries can run out.

If you are planning to walk a long distance, check out when it will get dark as it would be good to have a torch and some reflective items with you. The Halti walking boots do carry reflective strips so you can be seen.

Even if you are stopping at a cosy cafe en-route, take a high energy snack and water to drink.

You may want to think about some extra layers in your backpack.

For longer, more extreme walks, you will need to think about hat and gloves, bivvy bags, a whistle and a first aid kit.


walking food and drink

5) At the end of the day

After a long walk what better way to end the day than in a warm welcoming local hostelry. Do check the pub you are intending to relax in is dog friendly – the last thing you want is to be turned away after a long trek! Not all pubs welcome our four-legged friends so Dog Friendly is a great way to make sure before you set off!


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