What to Wear Sailing

A customer recently phoned for advice on what to wear on their first sailing holiday. Whether you are heading out to sea or just hanging around the marina, here are our top 10 recommendations for your sailing adventure:

orca bay deck shoes

1) Non-slip, non-marking deck shoes: Orca Bay are specialists here. The most popular style is the traditional Creek Deck Shoe. However, if you are looking for colour, the machine washable Sandusky is also highly recommended!


Pelle P 1200 Shorts
2) Fast dry shorts: Pelle P make the amazing 1200 Shorts with reinforcement panels for comfortable fit and excellent movement. For a more everyday pair, Holebrook make excellent cotton shorts and skirts.



3) Cotton polo shirts: If that sun is getting a little hot, its a great option to be able to put that collar up around your neck. There's a wonderful range of colour availability with the Pelle P Team Polos and the detailing is excellent. 



Holebrook Sweden Classic Jumper
4) A windproof top: With the morning chill or the evening breeze, it's important to have a second layer to keep you cosy on deck. The Holebrook windstopper range have a proven track record in the sailing world. Recommended styles are Classic and Inger.



pelle p mens crew jacket
5) A simple, but effective waterproof: Nothing too bulky, but at this time of year, especially in Britain, a Crew Jacket is very useful and versatile.



Pelle P Cap
6) A hat or peaked cap: To keep you warm and dry in bad weather, but particularly great at reducing sun glare throughout the day.


7) Sunglasses: On the water, the sun is coming at you from above and below. Protect your eyes with UV filtered sunglasses. You may want to consider a wrap around style and a floating security strap so that you don't lose them overboard.

8) Really good sunblock: Waterproof brands are available. Keep that factor high!

9) Water: Drink plenty...more than you think you need.

10) A smile: In a confined space, it is important to be a team player. Help each other out and remember, what the Skipper says goes. (That's actually written into maritime law). So, be a good crew member, everyone will have fun and you'll have an amazing experience!

Pelle P Sailing Team

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