Halti Ragnar Womens Mid DrymaxX Trekking Shoes

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halti drymaxxA generous fitting supportive hiking boot for day trips on variable terrain.

The upper is cow suede, with a rubber toe and heel for protection. The mesh lining has a waterproof DrymaxX membrane to keep feet dry in all weather.

vibram inverness solesThe torsion supported outsole is durable rubber - The Vibram Inverness outsole is engineered for stability and traction on uneven and unpredictable ground. The insole is extra shock absorbing for comfort.

  • think aheadAnkle length trekking boot
  • Waterproof DrymaxX® membrane
  • Suede leather upper
  • Vibram Inverness rubber outsole designed for trekking
  • Removable ergonomical shock absorbing insole



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Recommended care products: Grangers Footwear Repel Plus and Grangers Odour Eliminator

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