Julevu Sami David Mens Slim leather metal bracelet black

Julevu Sami David Slim Mens Leather Bracelet

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sami mens leather bracelet

A slim, round leather bracelet hand woven in the traditional Sami way.

The wrist bands are made from pewter with 4% silver, reindeer leather and a button individually made from a reindeer antler.

The David can easily be worn with other Sami bracelets or wrist jewellery.

To get the correct size measure your wrist and add 1cm.

Size Measurement
Small 18.5cm
Medium 19.5cm
Large 20.5cm
X-Large  21.5cm 

The bracelet will soften and stretch a few mm after use.

The pewter and silver embroidery will get more and more beautiful with time.

Care Tip: As the bracelet is made from leather, please take it off when in contact with water.