A Walk on the Wild Side

Helen Ashton out walkingThis month’s blog is written by guest writer Helen Ashton.

Helen has been involved in sport for most of her working life especially enjoying her time as Press Officer & PR Manager at Bath Rugby. She is now working for Find Your Activity a web-based platform engaging communities in activities.

Helen walks every day and over the last year has had the opportunity to try and test many of our products. Here Helen shares her thoughts on walking and the kit...

"One thing the pandemic has taught us is to appreciate the simple things. It is easy to get caught up in a negative mindset when all around seems to be doom and gloom; we cannot do this; we cannot do that. We cannot go here or there, so what to do?

walking at sunrise

I decided that every day I would do a walk and seeing as though we could only do one walk a day, I wanted to make my one walk count. It has been proved that just half an hour in the outdoors can bring many benefits. The feeling of freedom, space, being able to breathe. It can also teach us that it is okay to be on alone too. We can’t all be runners or cyclists. Even if we do have those activities in our daily lives one thing that can really be open to us all is a daily walk.

Whether you get up before the dawn breaks or wait until dusk, getting out and about is up lifting. The Swedish have a saying; ‘There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.’ So even if it is raining, blowing a gale or a beautiful summers day, wearing the correct ‘gear’ is a must.

I tend to walk early at around 5.30am. I love to see the sun rise bringing in the new day and my time alone gives me the opportunity to listen to books on my headphones. This can get a little creepy as my passion is horror! As I head out of the house, I have on hand my Holebrook hat, gloves and one of two jackets dependent on rain, and of course my Stagbeetle Boots.

Let’s take a look at the options...

holebrook hats

Having the correct headwear is important. However, it is a myth that we just lose heat through our heads. If you don’t wear a hat, you lose heat through your head. Just as you would lose heat through your legs if you were wearing shorts! (apologies to dispel that myth!). I personally love this Holebrook beanie, it has a turn up where the logo is and it’s a perfect place to pop my lipstick – just in case! (You never know).

British weather is never predicable, one minute you can be bathed in sunshine and the next as dark clouds gather you can be caught in a rainstorm. It is best to be prepared. It is good to have a coat for every occasion. To feel warm against the wind, and dry in a downpour will encourage you to step out for those 10,000 steps a day.

village walk in the rain

For downpour days the Pelle P Shore Hood Jacket is a must. It is a good length and has a great hood to keep you really dry. As a waterproof and windproof solution you really cannot beat it. You can also team it up with the Pelle P Gilet, for that extra warmth against those biting winds.

Pelle P Mizzen jacket

The Mizzen Jacket is lightweight and has a worldwide pedigree from a tried and tested Swedish brand. The Featherless Thinsulate Insulation keeps you really warm and although it is only stated to be wind resistant, after getting caught out one rainy day, it kept me totally dry. It does sport a great hood; however, you can detach it if hoods are not your thing.


Katherine Partis has the best range of windproof lined jumpers. What I love is the fact you can be super cosy on your walk and look dressed up enough to just head to the pub at the end of it. My favourite is the Siv, closely followed by the Martina, however there are many more to choose! The men’s range is just as comprehensive and my hubby is delighted with his Stellan – I just love the colour too. These are just the thing to sit in the garden catching up with friends – just what we need.

stagbeetle boots and renapur leather balsam

On long walks in the country, you really want to make sure you have the correct footwear. If you are looking after your upper body with snuggly jackets to keep you nice and warm and dry do the same for your feet. Katherinepartis.com are the sole traders of Stagbeetle Boots. These amazing boots keep you warm with their waterproof breathable membrane technology. The robust outsole is for maximum wear resistance and they have a super comfy cushioned footbed. As worn by TV presenter Ellie Harrison, they have a unique camouflage design based on British moth wings. They look amazing with leggings or jeans and even a skirt or shorts. Keep them in perfect condition with Renapur Leather Balsam.

walking in the countryside

Whether you walk from your front door or head out to explore always bear in mind the weather. Come rain or shine the English countryside has so much to offer, with new-born lambs filling the fields and blossom bursting in the trees there really is nothing better to uplift your mood.

As the day dawns, take time to listen to the birds, note the flowers that are blooming. Take a deep breath and step out into your countryside and experience nature at its best...always remembering to close the gate behind you."

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