Going Back To Work

going back to work and what to wear

If you're going back to work soon, hopefully you are looking forward to the return to the office, seeing your friends and colleagues and the challenges that lay ahead.

It may feel a little strange at first, but its worth remembering that we are all going through this together.

Before you head out, do a little planning, ahead of time, to make this transition as smooth stress free as possible.

Here are some of my suggestions:

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    Get a haircut. You can do this from 12th April, but your hairdresser will be taking bookings now, so make that call. You could even get your nails done too! If you can't get an appointment in time, don't worry, you won't be the only one.
  • Try on your current workwear. Its been a long time, the gyms have been closed and almost none of us are as active as we will have been a year ago. If your clothes don't fit, don't panic. Put the good gear away for now, but maybe recycle items that have had their day.
  • Try on your work shoes. If you've spent all year in slippers, you may find that more fitted shoes are a struggle.
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    Fill in the gaps. The goal here is to make sure that you have a few good capsule outfits to get you started. You may need to invest in some new items. So make sure that they work with what you already have and (this is important) both the clothing and footwear need to be comfortable. The good news is that power dressing is a thing of the past. Now, the office look is smart/casual, which is easier than you might think...and don't forget the bottom half - you are no longer on Zoom!
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    Buy quality. It's good for your confidence, the environment and in the long run your wallet. Have a look at our workwear collections for women and men.
  • Look after your feet. If you have bought new shoes, wear them around the house until you are happy that they are going to be ok. Coming out of winter, your feet will be more sensitive to shoes with out socks.
  • Get a good night sleep. Go to bed on time and without your phone. (You may need to reduce the caffeine and alcohol intake.) If your about to start getting up early for work, introduce this routine at least a few days before.
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    Arrive on time. Be fresh, awake and looking forward to a new start.
  • Don't hug anyone...not yet.
  • Have fun. These are exciting times and you are a part of it.
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