Too Early For Shorts? - Never!

Jamie in Pelle P polo shirt and cap

As a man I tend to pull out the trusty shorts each year which have been used for gardening, washing the car or fixing the bike. Not generally in the best condition, but going to the ‘local’ is not a fashion parade is it.


However, this year with restrictions lifting and vacations possible, whether in this country or maybe even abroad, it seems like a great idea to invest in some new ‘forever’ shorts.


holebrook sweden tobbe mens cargo shortsholebrook sweden tobbe mens shorts sand biege

Holebrook Sweden have produced a pair of the classic cargo shorts called the Tobbe (can’t quite get around the name) but other than that, I cannot fault them.


They fit well and have loads of pockets to lose stuff. A couple of good strong colours and I know these would easily migrate to the top of my drawer as my ‘go to’ shorts.


I flirted with the idea of going for something completely different and having seen the Pelle P 1200 Shorts, these fit the bill. Proper shorts with reinforcement panels.


Perfect for messing about on boats or just the unsanded garden bench at the pub. Fast drying for those days at the beach and zippered pocket to keep your Credit Card secure now cash is taboo. I can even go Race Red with the contrast!


But I simply love the look of the Holebrook Sweden Ludde shorts especially in the Dark Royal Blue. I can imagine myself at a harbour side bistro bar with a Markus linen shirt or even a Pelle P Team Polo and a pair of Orca Bay Maine deck shoes looking like I just stepped off the yacht. You can go full European with the fold-up the shorts look but my preference is to fold them back down – slightly longer and a bit more British.

 holebrook sweden ludde mens shorts sand biegeholebrook sweden ludde mens cotton shorts royal blueholebrook sweden ludde mens shorts olive greenholebrook sweden ludde mens shorts navy blue 

The only draw back here is the legs. Rocking shorts early in the year does take some doing as we are not all ‘posties’. It does however pay dividends when you get the pins out early as a little bit of early colour takes off the glare of the winter whites.

orca bay maine mens deck shoes

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