Grangers Clothing Wash & Repel 2 in 1

Grangers Clothing Wash & Repel 2 in 1

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This easy-to-use, wash-in formula combines powerful cleaning with durable water-repellency. Saving time, conserving energy and water, this 2-in-1 product is unique to Grangers. It’s bluesign® approved, PFC-free and in one-wash cycle it removes dirt and adds durable protection to maximise breathability, restoring like-new performance to all technical fabrics.

recycledRecommended for all fabrics including Gore-Tex®.


  • Durable repellency
  • Powerful cleaning
  • bluesignMaximises breathability
  • Conserves energy and water
  • Saves time
  • 100% recycled bottle
  • Bluesign® approved
  • PFC-free
  • 300ml

PFC Free 

How to Use:

  1. Use two capfuls (100ml) adding 50ml per each additional garment.
  2. Shake bottle and pour into washing machine drawer.
  3. Wash according to care label instructions.
  4. Air-dry or tumble dry if care label permits.