Grangers Footwear & Gear Cleaner

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Grangers Footwear and Gear Cleaner is a spray-on cleaner, formulated to completely remove dirt, grime and odours from all upper material.

Keeping your footwear and gear clean is more important than you realise. Not only does clean gear make you look and feel better but leaving footwear dirty can affect its breathability, which will hinder water-repellency as well as performance.

This Footwear + Gear Cleaner is easy to use and will remove dirt and odours from all footwear and outdoor gear.

It has multiple uses and comes in a handy bottle. Whether you have a jacket that needs to be spot-cleaned, a dirty rucksack that isn’t machine washable or some shoes that have been on one too many adventures to be left any longer, this product is ideal for you.

You might ask why you can’t simply hand wash these items, well, you can but we really wouldn’t recommend it as immersing them in regular laundry detergents or washing up liquid might inhibit your gear’s technical features. This cleaner is specifically formulated to gently remove dirt, grime and odours from specialist materials and won’t damage any existing water-repellency. It’s also great for preparing footwear for fresh waterproofing treatments and this is why you’ll often find it paired with the Footwear Repel.

It also comes in our new 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) bottle, so you'll be happy to know that you're helping to make a difference.

Suitable for Drymaxx®, Gore-tex®, eVent®, Suede, Nubuck, Leather or Fabric

  • recycledPowerful cleaning.
  • Maximises breathability.
  • Suitable for all footwear
  • Revitalises any existing water-repellency.
  • 100% recycled bottle.
  • bluesignBluesign® approved.
  • Bottle size 275ml


How to Use:

  1. If cleaning footwear, remove shoelaces before cleaning (if required, these can be washed separately).

  2. Brush off any loose dirt or debris.

  3. Spray directly onto the areas you wish to clean, before wiping off with a wet, clean cloth.

  4. Allow to dry naturally.