Orca Bay Fowey (Wide-Fit) Deck Shoes

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The cleverly disguised wide fitting deck shoe from Orca Bay. These can be used as boat shoes or casual off-boat footwear.
  • Wide fitting (We estimate these fit as "E" width. Wide, but not Extra Wide or using the Clarks scale "H", not "G")
  • Premium pull-up leather
  • Full Moccasin
  • Canoe cut
  • Double and hand stitching
  • Two eyelet
  • Salt resistant, rust proof eyelets
  • Full leather insoles
  • Non-marking, non-slip rubber soles
  • Rawhide leather laces

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Product Care

Recommended care products: Grangers G-Wax or Grangers Leather Condit


grangers leather conditioner

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